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Okay, few details

Mobile development is hard and time-consuming. We developers spend a ton of time and effort converting designs into code instead of being able to focus our energy on the things that make an app useful. That is why we are heads down building a helper - Supernova. Its brain is powered by years of experience developing hundreds of mobile apps. In a few months, it will be ready to bring the AI-powered revolution to everyone.

Supernova will change the way you work forever. It already cuts development time by one third, and we're just getting started. Our goal is to automate most of the process so that developers can focus on what is truly important - building amazing things of outstanding quality.

Check back often. Will will post more information as the private beta draws near!

How far are we?


Design to working project. Immediately.


Native components. Automatic layout.


Navigation chains within seconds.


All resources with one click.


Exports complete iOS and Android projects.


We are bunch of programmers and dedicated people trying to go against all conventions and years of stale metodologies and we are single-handedly reinventing mobile development from the ground up with the help of latest technologies.

If you are interested in meeting us, interviewing us or just want get in touch in other matter, please don't hesistate any further. We are not Tay and we would very much like to talk to you about everything.

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